Service Commitment
For product service call our 24-hour ASSIST operators at (800) 521-1968. 5AM–5PM, PST Monday–Friday.

Service Commitment

Offering the most personal attention and contact in the industry.

The best service experience in medical imaging.

We believe doing what's right takes the right organization. To do what's right doesn't take a commitment of words once in a while, but of proper actions time and time again. Our actions are supported by the investments we make in people and facilities. We've outpaced our steady market share growth, maintaining a low ratio of customers-to-engineers and customers-to-service managers so we have the people-power to be responsive and uphold our promised uptime commitments.

Materials Management

To ensure that we can meet commitments:

  • We've strategically located parts depots across the country to minimize repair times
  • We utilize advanced service parts planning software designed to predict parts demand so replacement parts are available when and where they are needed most
  • We've partnered with UPS Supply Chain Solutions to ensure prompt delivery by offering same day courier or overnight service

InnerVision® Plus

We've developed a remote diagnostics system called InnerVision® Plus that allows our highly qualified teams of engineers and applications specialists to see what is occurring on our customers' systems and to support our on-site engineers with resolution.

Biomedical Training

We believe teaching your team improves efficiency. Located in Irvine, CA, our world-class International Training Academy provides off-site and on-site training to your biomedical engineers and technologists. Service training courses with the same methodology as those our own engineers go through, prepare your biomedical engineers to properly maintain your systems. Hands-on sessions deliver up-to-date information on new techniques and best practices to your technologists. Despite our guaranteed response times, we believe better trained in-house staff can be a vital part of your efficiency.