Toshiba Service Agreements
For product service call our 24-hour ASSIST operators at (800) 521-1968. 5AM–5PM, PST Monday–Friday.

Flexible Service Agreements

Special treatment — specially delivered.

Toshiba’s InTouch™ Flex Agreement provides the highest level of customer service in our industry. Flex is our greatest value service solution.

Unprecedented Flexibility

  • Convert your service agreement back and forth between a full service agreement and a partnership agreement
  • Manage your service plan based on your changing service needs

Price Protection

  • Locked-in and fixed pricing for any and all coverage and entitlement options at the point of purchase for the duration of your agreement

Cost Effective Service

  • Modify service agreement on agreement anniversary date based on risk and/or changes in your business throughout your equipment lifecycle
  • Utilize your in-house staff effectively

InTouch™ Full Security.

Toshiba's full service agreements can be the ideal solution, providing a perfect blend of security and flexibility.

Full Protection for Your System

  • Risk-free, fixed-price service support for your peace of mind
  • Performance guarantees maximum system availability

Flexibility by Choice

  • Flexible hours of coverage, so you are covered during your hours of operation
  • Customized service solutions that fit your unique equipment needs

Unmatched Technical Support

  • Rapid phone response and on-site service to maximize equipment availability
  • InnerVision® Plus remote diagnostics service monitors your system proactively

InTouch™ Partnership.

Toshiba's partnership agreements can be the ideal solution, providing a perfect blend of security and flexibility.

Budget and Performance Protection

  • Shared-risk solution allows you to adjust service levels to optimize patient care while controlling service costs

Built-in Flexibility

  • Customize your plan with a range of value-added discount options
  • Directly control your service requests and applied costs

Support Made Simple

  • Get immediate access to applications and technical support through the InTouch™ Center
  • Minimize downtime and expedite repair with InnerVision® Plus remote diagnostics

Time and Material (T&M) Service Support

Toshiba also offers on-demand Time and Material service support.