Kalare X-ray Radiography & Fluoroscopy Machine

Savings with every exposure.

Advancing productivity and efficiency for your R&F needs.

Kalare™ is an advanced R&F system from Toshiba developed with input from working clinicians.

Kalare X-ray Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

The Kalare RF system provides high quality imaging, unprecedented shield features, and exceptional dose control to provide optimal operating conditions for both the staff and patient. The Kalare places tools in the clinicians hands that, when combined with the proper imaging techniques, provide the optimum blend of image quality and dose management.

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Kalare X-ray Air Contrast Barium Enema

Clinical Gallery

Air Contrast Barium Enema

Clinical Gallery

Designed for high impact performance.

Optimized for Efficiency

Kalare is available with three different Image Intensifier (I.I.) sizes, high-speed digital processor and standard features to ensure high value and performance for years to come.

Kalare X-ray Technology
  • Complete tableside control to optimize procedural and clinical management
  • Ergonomic controls for fast and comfortable single-handed operation
  • Color LCD display allows you to review exam parameters at a glance and change settings with simple touch-screen control
  • Smart user interface helps you to perform tasks efficiently
  • Feature rich to meet clinical and economic needs


Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital

"…The versatility of Toshiba's Kalare X-ray system coupled with its high-quality images resulted in immediate improvements in patient care, increased overall workflow and eliminated the need for conventional film. "

Freddie Gibson,
Director of Medical Imaging Services,
Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital
Kalare Wireless X-ray
Kalare Wireless X-ray

True digital imaging for R&F and radiographic exams.

Kalare Wireless

To take you to a 100% digital solution, Toshiba offers a wireless DRX panel with the Kalare.


Protecting Patients All the Way

Reduce Radiation Exposure and Prevent Accidents

Kalare X-ray Benefits

The Kalare system was created to optimize patient safety in every possible way, whether it's by utilizing today's most advanced low-dose technologies or adding an extra margin of safety against unwanted events.