Ultrasound Innovation

Innovation 2016

Discovery of Life

  • High resolution image quality allows extensive first trimester evaluation and monitoring throughout the trimesters in our smallest of patients.
  • Advanced vascular tools enable visualization of minute fetal vessel.
  • Enabling clinicians to make decisions earlier, intervene with confidence earlier and monitor the at risk fetus from the very beginning improving positive outcomes in pregnancy.
Ultrasound Innovation Discovery of Life

Earlier Disease Visualization

  • Visualization of small changes earlier in the disease process, enabling earlier intervention and therapy.
  • Monitoring closely in the treatment phase to ensure optimal response to drug therapy.
  • Enabling the Clinician to do more at an earlier stage in the disease process, improving the quality of life for patients.
Ultrasound Innovation Earlier Disease Visualization

Rapid Assessment

  • Supporting life through acquiring more data, earlier, minimally invasive, without the need for contrast.
  • Improving the accessibility of imaging for all patients.
  • Being able to do everything easily and confidently, with high productivity and efficient workflow, helping the patient by being able to provide imaging everywhere and in the easiest, least painful and invasive way.
Ultrasound Innovation Rapid Assessment