ALARA in CT Imaging


Partnership to achieve ALARA in CT Imaging

PROTECT is a comprehensive program to support our customers in achieving the lowest possible dose without compromising diagnostic image quality.

The PROTECT program helps you achieve ALARA and meet current industry goals through:

  • Helping to achieve ACR Accreditation
  • Meeting the "Image Gently" and "Image Wisely" pledges
  • Lowering dose through exclusive Aquilion Technology
  • Education on tracking dose and CT protocols
  • Making CT safer for all patients
  • Aquilion low dose Technology marketing support

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Observe, Evaluate, Document

CT Aquilion ONE Scanner

The first step is to observe, evaluate and document your site's baseline exam plan protocols and average dose reference levels (DRLs). Our team will then consult with you to develop goals and determine the precise ways in which PROTECT can help improve performance for you and your patients. This step includes an in-depth evaluation of the hardware and software currently in use at your site.



Once the evaluation is complete and baselines are established, our team will present the PROTECT plan that has been developed specifically to address your goals. This plan identifies key partners onsite that will work closely with the PROTECT team to provide a review of baseline protocols and dose profiles. Finally, this step includes the discussion and proposal of specific upgrades available to help you reach your PROTECT goals. These upgrades may include the addition of services such as VeloCT, Radimetrics, PhoenixPhysics, AIDR 3D implementation and more.

PROTECT Implementation

PROTECT CT Upgrades and Protocols

The final step in the PROTECT program involves the implementation of agreed upon upgrades and protocols. Focused on training and education, this step ensures you have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. The PROTECT team will visit you repeatedly to guide the optimization of dose management through implementation of software and hardware upgrades and education regarding Toshiba’s various tools for dose management. Through this education and the tools provided, the PROTECT team will enable the site to lower dose incrementally. To ensure ongoing success, the educational aspect of the implementation step includes three visits over a 3-6 month period with follow-up visits at years two and three.