Aquilion RXL 16-Detector Row CT Scanner
Aquilion RXL

Best-in-class performance and long-term value.

A CT that Combines Performance and Value

The Aquilion RXL 16-detector row CT system (72 cm gantry opening with +/-30 degree tilt) delivers routine low-dose scans for each patient in a wide variety of clinical examinations with unsurpassed workflow. The system is designed to comfortably handle the pace in the busiest of departments, and will continue meeting healthcare demands well into the future.

Dose management for every patient, every time.

Aquilion RXL incorporates Toshiba’s latest technologies for the reduction of exposure dose while maintaining high image quality.

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Aquilion RXL CT Machine

Clinical Gallery

Brain CT

Brain CT Clinical Image

83-year-old male with left sided weakness and slurred speech. A non-contrast CT of the brain was performed, Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR) demonstrate small vessel ischemic microangiopathy in the periventricular deep white matter, as well as global atrophy and bilateral cataracts.

Clinical Gallery

Comprehensive Suite of Applications


Aquilion RXL supports Toshiba's sophisticated suite of SURETechnologies and other advanced software tools to further increase clinical utility and incorporate cutting-edge clinical application capabilities to meet customer needs.


SURESubtraction™ has the ability to remove bone and calcium from data sets while allowing clinicians to view tumors or arteries at risk. Currently available for brain, carotid, ortho and lung exams.

Using Toshiba's fully automated non-rigid registration algorithm, bone, calcium and stent subtraction can be accomplished using a low dose unenhanced scan prior to contrast delivery. Superior visualization of the vertebral arteries and internal carotids can be seen, saving time and improving diagnostic accuracy.

SURE Subtraction Aquilion RXL SURESubtraction Demo


By fully automating CT fluoroscopy, SUREFluoro™ improves exam accuracy and accelerates patient throughput when performing interventional procedures.

Automated Interventional CT Guidance:

  • 12 fps with three slice display
  • One shot mode
  • MPR volumetric needle positioning
  • Target image display for easy measurements
  • Automatic table movement to target location
SURE Fluoro Aquilion RXL SUREFluoro Demo


Automated bolus tracking with the ability to track dual ROI placements to ensure optimal contrast opacification and usage.

SURE Start Aquilion RXL SUREStart Demo

Optimizing Clinical Workflow.

Aquilion RXL incorporates a new console to improve productivity and optimize workflow. Automated processing enables fast access to images for accurate diagnoses.

Accelerated Workflow

Aquilion RXL accelerates the process of providing the information required for making the best treatment decisions throughout the workflow.

  • Single or optional dual console configuration
  • 3D advanced visualization on console
  • 0.5 second rotation standard
  • High-speed image reconstruction

Automated Processing

Ultrafast Data Transfer

  • The enhanced DICOM protocol allows an ultrafast data transfer speed of up to 60 images per second
  • Automated data transfer to multiple destinations can be set in the exam protocol

MPR Image Generation—MultiView

MultiView automation saves time by reconstructing MPR images as a part of the exam protocol.

Dose Reduction

For Every Patient and Every Procedure

AIDR 3D Technology

Toshiba offers a full suite of dose-reduction technologies to improve patient safety while producing high-quality images for accurate diagnoses.

AIDR 3D has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology.

AIDR 3D Technology