Angiography DICOM Conformance Statements

These documents are DICOM Conformance Statements for Toshiba's products. They are intended to provide the reader with knowledge of how to integrate products within a DICOM compliant hospital network. They detail the DICOM Service Classes, Information Objects and Communication Protocols that are supported by the products. The information in these documents will facilitate compatibility checking. Note that a connectivity investigation is still advised since the DICOM Standard by itself does not guarantee the interoperability of systems.

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Model Name Software Version Conformance Statement
Infinix-i V2.50 MIIXR0001EAA
Infinix-i V2.60–2.65 MIIXR0001EAB
Infinix-i V2.66 or later MIIXR0001EAC
Infinix-i V2.50 MIIXR0002EAA
Infinix-i V2.60–2.64 MIIXR0002EAB
Infinix-i V2.65 or later MIIXR0002EAC
Infinix-i V2.64 or later MIIXR0009EAA
Infinix-i V3.10 MIIXR0010EAB
DFP-8000D V3.40 or later MIIXR0010EAC
(Infinix-i) EPSplus ADR-1000A/E2,RFD V3.11 or later MIIXR0005EAF
Infinix™-i series DFP-8000 V4.25 MIIXR0010EAJ
Infinix™-i series DFP-8000 V4.30 MIIXR0010EAK
Infinix™-i series DFP-8000 V4.40 MIIXR0010EAL
Infinix™-i series DFP-8000 V4.50 or later MIIXR0010EAM
XIDF-AWS801, XIDF-AWS801/S1 and XIDF-3DP801/B2 V4.50 or later MIIXR0024EA