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Comprehensive Dose Management

See radiation exposure like never before. Toshiba's New Dose Tracking System (DTS)* Another addition to Toshiba's innovative features in Comprehensive Dose Management

Comprehensive Dose Management for Improved Patient Care

Toshiba is committed to continuously advancing dose reduction technologies for its Infinix cardiovascular X-ray systems.

Toshiba’s dose reduction innovations focus on four fundamental areas of system performance — time, distance, shielding and technology — while maintaining exceptional image quality. The result has been an industry-leading, comprehensive package of dose management features that deliver high quality images and safe operating conditions for staff and patients.

  • Time — The Infinix’s agile C-arms reduce Source to Image Distance (SID) and increase coverage, speeding up exams and limiting X-ray exposure.
  • Distance — Flexible C-arms with compact flat panel detectors optimize positioning and coverage to manage dose while WorkRite technology allows clinicians to optimize shielding or change direction of the X-ray beam.
  • Shielding — A variety of unique table and ceiling mounted radiation shields enhance safety for patients and clinical staff.
  • Technology — Toshiba’s comprehensive selection of tableside dose management tools enable clinical staff to optimize the balance between dose and image quality.
  • *DTS not available on all Infinix system models

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