Cardiovascular X-Ray

System configurations to meet your clinical needs.

Unlike other imaging systems, the cardiovascular lab is literally an extension of the clinician’s eyes and hands. As such, it must provide access, coverage, image quality and workflow efficiency that fluidly enhances a clinician’s performance. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with leading clinicians to design unique features for the Infinix-i systems that address those very needs.

Visualize Your Way to Safer Imaging

Visualize your way to
safer imaging.

Dose management optimizing tools
for your patients.

Toshiba’s new Dose Tracking System (DTS), an innovative skin-dose management tool. Learn more »

Unique Biplane Positioning for Quick Access to All Anatomy

Unmatched flexibility in
system design.

Unique biplane positioning for
quick access to all anatomy.

The compact footprint and unique movements of the five-axis floor and multi-axis ceiling C-arm provide unprecedented clinical coverage and expand overall room efficiency and utilization.
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Gates Vascular Institute

Gates Vascular Institute:Kaleida Health partnered with Toshiba to install 14 Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray systems.

Kaleida Health partnered with Toshiba to install 14 Infinix™-i cardiovascular X-ray systems.
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