Advanced imaging technologies set this portable apart.

Viamo is equipped to provide you with proven advanced imaging technologies from our larger systems. These technologies will give you consistent image quality with less manipulation for greater diagnostic confidence.

Visualization of true hemodynamic flow for confident diagnosis.

Advanced Dynamic Flow™

Advanced Dynamic Flow™ (ADF) is Toshiba exclusive technology for high resolution color flow imaging.

  • Superior spatial resolution at high frames rates
  • Accurately displays directional flow even in the tiny vessels


A new generation of compounding imaging technology, ApliPure provides ultrasound images of unsurpassed uniformity.

ApliPure+ uses spatial compounding to sequentially combine ultrasonic images acquired from different scanning directions in real-time

  • Reduces speckle noise
  • Increases contrast resolution

Pulse Subtraction

This technology provides superior image quality in 2D applications, routine examinations and in difficult-to-scan patients.

  • Enhances spatial and contrast resolution
  • Increases penetration when imaging

Quick Scan

With the push of a button, Quick Scan:

  • Automatically optimizes 2D gain level and spectral Doppler with acoustic precision
  • Suppresses white noise in echo-weak regions