A more comfortable exam for you and your patient.

Even in difficult scanning positions or when working in tight quarters, Viamo's ergonomic features allow you to acquire the studies you need with more comfort and ease. With greater demands on sonographers than ever before, these features provide the benefits of efficiency and workflow to meet the needs of today's busy clinical settings.

Lightweight Transducers

Scan with greater comfort and flexibility. Many of our transducers are interchangeable across our systems, providing additional cost efficiencies.

Designed to minimize operator stress and increase efficiency, our lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic super-flexible cables, delivering superb image quality for a wide range of clinical applications.

Customizable Touchscreen

Protocols can be programmed making your routine exams faster with a single screen touch. The Viamo touchscreen functions even while wearing sterile gloves, making this system multi-department functional.

Variable Cart Height

Whether sitting or standing, the adjustable cart height provides flexibility and comfort for the clinician.

Ready to Move

Flexibility to Move Between Departments

Viamo can be a great performer in a variety of roles around your institution. Its small form makes it easy to maneuver, while its powerful imaging makes it a valuable tool in any environment.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Mount to cart stand, wall, boom arm or carry it wherever you need
  • Mere seconds from stand-by to start scanning

Use as a Laptop

Use in Tablet Mode

Viamo in the Operating Room

In crowded areas like the O.R., Viamo's small footprint and premium imaging capability can be the perfect tool.