Enterprise Integration

Aplio Enterprise Integration

Engineered to be compatible

Aplio Ultrasound systems are designed to embrace open network standards to facilitate easy integration in the widest variety of network environments. Aplio systems comply with DICOM standards to assure optimum communications between network systems. Additionally, to keep it working well over time, we offer a range of support services our customers have consistently rated best in the industry.

IHE Integration

aPLIO 500 IHE Integration

Elevating ultrasound to a higher level of performance, Aplio systems are specifically designed to keep images and information flowing by combining Toshiba's proprietary ICA platform with IHE compatibility and award-winning service.

Toshiba has voluntarily implemented the communications of its medical imaging systems with the IHE initiative.

  • Uses existing standards to define communications (DICOM, HL7 and web services) compatibility to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information.
  • IHE integration improves patient care by harmonizing healthcare information exchange and provides a common standards-based framework for seamlessly passing health information among care providers.
  • IHE enhances the quality of patient care, resulting in safety through the reduction of medical errors, savings through lower implementation costs and more efficient workflow.
  • IHE Integration Statements



Aplio systems come standard-equipped with seven major DICOM Service Classes to reduce examination time and increase throughput.

  • DICOM CD-R and DVD-RAM — Provides long-term storage media for valuable image data. During re-examination, physicians can access stored images for reference.
  • DICOM Print — Exports images to DICOM-compliant printers. A virtual film function lets the operator preview the final print and adjusts its composition and presentation for optimal print quality.
  • DICOM Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve — Operators can archive images to a network and retrieve images from past examinations for review and as reference map images.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist Management, Performed Procedure Step — Operators and staff can access scheduled exams and transmit exam results directly to hospital information systems.
  • DICOM Conformance Statements