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Specialty Coils

Leading Innovation in Coil Design


Shoulder SPEEDER Coil

  • Designed for the Atlas and Titan
  • 6 Element Receive coil
  • Flexible coil elements fits patients of all sizes with maximum SNR

Large Knee SPEEDER Coil

  • Designed for the Atlas and Titan
  • 7 Element Transmit & Receive Coil
  • 22 cm inner diameter for your bariatric patients

4 Channel SPEEDER Flex Coil

  • Designed for the Atlas and Titan
  • SPEEDER Compatible
  • Can be combined with spine, body and head coils

Wrist/Hand SPEEDER Coil

  • 6 Element
  • Allows for imaging by the patient’s side or above the head
  • Unique configuration allows scanning from wrists to finger tips in one FOV

16 Element Flex Coil Positioning Devices

Pediatric Suite

  • Combines two 16 element flex coils into a 32 element pediatric solution
  • Allow for high resolution head and spine imaging
  • SPEEDER compatible

Knee Positioning Device

  • Provides a stable and comfortable positioning platform
    for the 16 element flex coils

Hologic® Coils

Sentinelle Breast SPEEDER Coil

  • Uniquely contoured to the body to provide maximum patient comfort
  • Designed to provide high-resolution images and greater tissue penetration

Endo Pelvic SPEEDER Coil

  • Designed for the 1.5 tesla MR system
  • 2 Element SPEEDER compatible coil
  • Improved SNR and anatomical coverage


32 Element Cardiac SPEEDER Coil

  • Combines anterior and posterior elements for high spatial resolution
  • Speeder compatible to improve temporal resolution

Quadrature Head

Quadrature Head Coil

  • Designed for the Atlas and Titan
  • Open style Transmit and Receive coil
  • ACR Phantom compatible