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Vantage Atlas 1.5T

Vantage Atlas 1.5T features provide better workflow, in addition to outstanding image quality.

  • 65 cm aperture
  • Ultra-short bore
  • Feet first imaging
  • Integrated Atlas coil technology
  • Acoustic noise reduction technology

Coil exchanges are minimized, processing speeds are accelerated and feet first imaging becomes a clinical reality — All in a quiet and open scanning environment. Atlas opens up a new world of patient focused MRI technology. Atlas is power.

Multiple Coil Ports

Vantage Atlas has ten coil ports with nine built into the advanced table design. Accepting a maximum of 128 elements simultaneously, these coil ports are strategically located to capitalize on the clinical utility of the Atlas SPEEDER coils.

128 Elements

Atlas efficiently captures subtle MR signals by effectively utilizing multiple coil elements. Supporting up to 128 elements simultaneously, Atlas makes high in-plane resolution and wide-area coverage a clinical reality.

Integrated Coils

A posterior head and neck array and a 32-channel CTL array is built into the patient couch. The CTL array is moveable, allowing for feet first imaging of the thoracic and/or lumbar spine. Integrated coils virtually eliminate the need to change coils between studies.