Magnetic Resonance: Ergonomically Designed for Operator Convenience and Patient Comfort

Uniquely designed to make your patients comfortable

Get excited. For the quietest MR available.

All our MR systems include non-contrast imaging applications and Pianissimo acoustic noise reduction technology, resulting in a safer and quieter exam for your patient.

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Efficiency and productivity
with every system

Introducing Toshiba’s
Rapid Transport System.

Patient transporation in and out of the MR suite is vital, especially in times of emergencies. Discover Toshiba's innovative solution for enhanced patient safety, comfort and throughput.
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Patient Friendly Features of the Titan 1.5T

Understanding the patient experience needs of MR

Patient friendly features of the Titan 1.5T.
Ann Bair, MR Supervisor at Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg, PA, explains the patient friendly features of the Titan 1.5T MR system. Watch the Video »

Understanding the patient experience

Patient Comfort and Acoustic Noise Reduction

Patient comfort and acoustic noise reduction.
Dr. David Wack’s hypothesis on Auditory fMRI and the benefits of Toshiba’s quiet MR technology.
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Pianissimo™—Quiet MRI for all scans.

Pianissimo™—Quiet MRI for All Scans

Uniquely designed to make your patients comfortable.
Toshiba's patented Pianissimo™ technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment, making exams more comfortable and easier to complete.
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