In-field upgradable solution that gives your facility the flexibility to grow.

Vantage Titan 3T Scalability

Two configurations:

  • 30 mT/m amplitude
  • Upgradable to 45 mT/m:
    • New Slim Saturn Gradient

High performance

Slim Saturn Gradient


  • 45 mT/m Amplitude
  • 203 T/m/s Slew Rate
  • Advanced gradient design
  • High-Pressure Gradient Molding
  • Gradient Triple-Cooling

High-Pressure Gradient Molding

Increased gradient stability.

×2.3 Higher Pressure

  • Toshiba’s high-pressure molding technology helps increase stability against Lorentz force, enabling more precise phase control
  • More consistent image quality over time

Gradient Triple-Cooling

Precise center frequency control.

×2.0 Cooling Design

  • Thermal stability allows more consistent image quality and fat sat over time
  • A two fold increase in system cooling, allows for more precise center frequency control

Workflow post processing applications are as easy as 1, 2, 3…


M-Power is an intuitive user interface built for all levels of users. It allows an efficient workflow and provides advanced post processing software with ease of use in mind on the main console. Eliminating the need to purchase multiple 3rd party software for your advanced imaging needs.

M-Power Overview

Enhanced Speed:

  • 46% reduction in exam time*
  • 36% reduction in volume measurement correction time*
  • 50% reduction retro cine time*
  • 87% reduction in dynamic time*
*Compared with v1.37 vs. v3.50


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Functional analysis displaying areas of activation with color enhancement. Functional data may be fused with any 2D or 3D data set.


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M-Power provides processing of single and multi-voxel spectral data. Baseline correction, peak analysis, CSI evaluation and metabolite identification are automatically displayed.

Diffusion Tensor and Tractography

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mTensor is customizable to the users preference which automates post processed values and color maps. The calculation of tensor maps and tracks can be configured and fused with 2D or 3D data sets.

Surface Volume Rendering (SVR)

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Eliminating the need for a separate workstation, M-Power can conveniently use the automated SVR post-processing program to create advanced 3D volume rendered images.

Multi-Platform Reforming (MPR)

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M-Power can automatically reformat an isotropic volume data set in any plane including user-selectable oblique planes.

Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)

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Automated MIP post-processing can be applied by selecting the 3D process on the operator console. Images can then be optimized manually with an easy-to-use cutting tool, previewed and saved as a DICOM data set.

Atlas Compass

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Atlas Compass is a premium coil detection tool that provides unparalleled productivity and image quality by completel automating the selection of coil elements within a predtermined range.

CSF Flow

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In the clinical setting, M-Power allows noninvasive observation of CSF dynamics using Time Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse (Time-SLIP)


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mVox acquires more information in less time by performing 3D isotropic volume T2W or FLAIR imaging. Limiting the number of sequences run per examination increase throughput and efficiency for neuro, body and orthopedic applications by preserving isotropic resolution in all reformatted planes.

UTE Lung

The Industry's first dedicated MR sequence for lung imaging Extend the range of imaging to tissues traditionally very difficult for MRI. Ultra short echo times allow for imaging of tissues with very short relaxation times.


Enhanced Flow Sensitive Black Blood (eFSBB) technique employs advanced filtering to support the depiction of flowing blood and yield optimal vessel contrast.


Enhanced gray-white matter contrast for stereotactic imaging and surgical planning.

  • High resolution 3D T1 isotropic imaging
  • Volumetric scans can be easily reformatted for increased throughput
  • Optimized T1 contrast for volumetric analysis

Improve diagnosis with distortion free, homogeneous images.

Multi-phase Transmission

Toshiba's Vantage Titan 3T is equipped with advanced radio frequency transmission technology to eliminate fundamental depth penetration issues that have always been problematic for 3T imaging.

Due to the shortening of wavelengths at higher frequencies, signal drop-off occurs and causes inhomogeneity in images, known as dielectrical effects. The design of the Vantage Titan 3T virtually eliminates these dielectrical effects. Toshiba's Multi-phase Transmission technology utilizes four points of RF transmission, combined with automatic adjustments in phase and amplitude, to guarantee optimal RF distribution and homogeneity in all body regions.

Multi-phase Transmission improves 3T image quality without the use of time consuming pre-scans, leading to a more confident diagnosis and an increase in overall system productivity.

Toshiba technology that generates cylindrical shape volume for improved homogeneity.


Conventional MR systems utilize a spherical volume to image. The Vantage Titan 3T uses a unique combination of shim techniques to form a cylindrical shape that better corresponds to the human form. Conform technology gives the Vantage Titan a very homogeneous, full field-of-view at 50 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm.



Engineered for ease of use and patient comfort while increasing operational workflow, Atlas coils are lightweight and easy to position.

Atlas technology powers the efficient technologist.

Compared to conventional coils, Atlas coil technology utilizes a unique combination of smaller elements, which deliver a higher signal-to-noise ratio, with larger elements for greater penetration. By simultaneously integrating up to 128 elements, Vantage Titan 3T provides better image quality throughout the imaging volume.

Atlas SPEEDER™ Body Coil

(16 elements)

Atlas SPEEDER™ Spine Coil

(40 elements)

Atlas SPEEDER™ Head/Neck Coil

(16 elements)

*Only available for Vantage Titan 3T with V3.5 software

Positioning Flexibility

  • Multiple coils can be used simultaneously creating flexibility for operators and comfort for patients
  • Convenient port locations mean that a large segment of exams can be performed feet first
  • 205 cm of table movement coupled with a sliding spine coil provides maximum flexibility for operators and greater comfort for patients

Integrated workflow solution

Atlas coils are uniquely designed to improve workflow and patient comfort. Vantage Titan 3T easily handles multiple studies by allowing you to position the patient and utilize the coils you need in one easy step.

Shoulder SPEEDER™ Coil


  • Designed for the Titan
  • 6 Element Receive coil
  • Flexible coil elements fits patients of all sizes with maximum SNR

Large Knee SPEEDER™ Coil


  • Designed for the Titan
  • 7 Element Transmit & Receive coil
  • 22 cm inner diameter for your bariatric patients

4 Channel SPEEDER™ Flex Coil


  • Designed for the Titan
  • SPEEDER™ Compatible
  • Can be combined with spine, body and head coils

Wrist/Hand SPEEDER™ Coil


  • 6 Element
  • Allows for imaging by the patient’s side or above the head
  • Unique configuration allows scanning from wrists to finger tips in one FOV

Sentinelle Breast SPEEDER™ Coil

Breast Coil

  • Uniquely contoured to the body to provide maximum patient comfort
  • Designed to provide high-resolution images and greater tissue penetration