Ultra High Performance

Accelerating Workflow with Advanced Technologies

Toshiba has optimized every aspect of performance with Aquilion PRIME in order to design a system that offers the ultimate clinical value for your facility. Aquilion PRIME incorporates a variety of advanced technologies into a new-generation platform, reducing the total time to diagnosis and improving productivity with high-quality images and workflow efficiencies every step of the way.

  • With industry-leading reconstruction speeds, images are available almost immediately after acquisition
  • Helical scanning, with 0.5 mm x 80 detector row for rapid aquisition and reconstruction, is ideal for trauma CT imaging
  • 0.5 mm slice thickness with 350-micron isotropic spatial resolution displays anatomic details with uniform image quality
  • 78 cm aperture for interventional access—the largest available in a high-end CT makes scanning easier for hard-to-scan emergency or bariatric patients
  • Double-slice technology developed for Aquilion ONE gives users the ability to reconstruct 160 unique slices per gantry rotation with no dose penalty

coneXact™ with double-slice technology can reconstruct acquired volume data with double density technology, resulting in 160 slices per rotation on Aquilion PRIME.