Continuous Improvements in Comfort and Convenience

Increasing Efficiency with Enhanced Ergonomics

With the Aquilion PRIME CT System, ergonomics and patient access have evolved to an unprecedented degree with the eVolution couch and gantry. Offering greater comfort and convenience, they increase operator efficiency for faster throughput while improving patient compliance to ensure higher quality exams.

The eVolution Couch

  • Carbon fiber couch features exclusive XYZ table movement with a full 2000 mm scan range
  • Tech Assist Lateral Slide, with the ability to move the table 8.4 cm from side to side, improves access for bariatric and interventional imaging while making it safer for technologists to adjust patients on the couch*
  • 660 lb. weight capacity with industry's widest couch of 47 cm increases comfort and the ability to accommodate larger patients
  • Convenient front and optional rear table footswitches facilitate a more efficient workflow
  • The ability to be lowered to 33 cm above the floor facilitates access for pediatric, elderly and emergency patients

The eVolution Gantry

  • 72 kW generator coupled with rapid 350 ms rotation acquires data faster to reduce exam duration
  • 78 cm gantry accommodates all of your patients and improves access for interventional procedures
  • Tilts +/- 22 degrees to improve access for interventional cases and reduce exposure to sensitive organs
  • Controls positioned on the left and right, front and rear, significantly enhance operator efficiency
  • iStation display provides child-friendly exam instructions and gives operators feedback for breath hold, ECG waveforms and other inputs
  • An electric regeneration function that converts energy generated during gantry deceleration into electricity used by the system reduces energy requirements